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Potential Signs of a Leaking Roof

How to Spot a Roof Leak 

Could you think of anything more irritating than a roof leak? The water spots on the ceiling or, even worse, the ceaseless dripping of water on the floor are clear signs that you are having issues with your roof. However, before repairing and stopping the leak, you must find the root cause of the water leakage; this can be a much harder task and usually calls for professional help.

Potential Signs of a Leaking Roof

That said, here are some signs that will help you determine whether your roof is leaking: 

Spots on the Ceiling 

Have you noticed new dark water spots on your ceiling recently? These are usually one of the earliest warning signs of a roof leak. While they are more commonly found in the center of your ceiling, don’t forget to pay attention to the corners of the room as they might be less noticeable.


Water dripping from the ceiling might be the most obvious sign that your roof has a leak. However, you may not always be able to see it clearly; if you hear dripping sounds but can not pinpoint exactly where they come from, it is likely that you have a leak inside the walls of your home. Always call a repair service to fix the leak before it turns into a greater problem. 

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Checking your roof is one of the quickest ways to find the source of a leak. Damaged or missing shingles could be letting water inside your home; examine them and replace or repair them as soon as you notice to avoid major water damage.

Rusty Pipes

Another common sign of roof leakage is wet or rusty pipes. Luckily, this type of issue can usually be easily fixed by sealing the pipe to prevent rainwater from coming in. If your pipes look rusty or feel damp to the touch, contact a professional. 

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